When USA weekend compiled their Most Beautiful Places in America list, Sedona Az was the top pick. And it is little wonder, the geography is entirely unique with multi-hued red stone formations jutting skywards from the desert floor. The landscape optics change by the hour and you will often not get the same view twice. 

From the early native inhabitants of the area to the spiritual purveyors of today, Sedona is known for its vortex of healing energy. A place of spiritual rejuvenation and relaxation. There are also a host of wellness spas and healing professions that can assist you on our journey. Also, you can get out and explore the natural wonders of Sedona with a myriad of hikes or 4x4 adventures. 

What sets our vacations apart?


Urban Beach Paradise

Palm Springs is a sun worshipers dream, the vistas are spectacular and there are a wealth of things to do in the Coachella Valley. Early Native Americans discovered the lush oasis hidden amidst the tumbled boulders and rock formations of the desert. Palm Springs is a place of rejuvenation and adventure. 

Med Spa Vacations has sourced the best wellness providers in the Coachella Valley, and can construct a vacation package that includes the options of spa, golf, entertainment, hiking, yoga, tennis, or whatever else you can think of doing under the sun!

Med Spa Vacations can construct both short and longer term affordable stays.  We also cater to the snowbirds looking to escape the northern cold. 

A Desert Oasis

Whistler BC

Palm Springs California

Relax . Rejuvenate . or just Getaway

San Diego, California

San Diego, CA arguably has the best climate in North America. It is a beautiful historic city with a beach town vibe. Stay near Balboa Park in the heart of the city. Explore the Gas Lamp District or take a trolley tour out to the beach community of La Jolla. The Midway Museum is also a must see, being docked right downtown. 

Med Spa Vacations can create a short or longer term vacation experience that focuses on wellness, adventure, and getting out and exploring the area. Our Wellness Concierge can customize a trip that is best suited for you. Get out the cold this winter and come down and explore San Diego, it will be a one of kind experience. 

The most beautiful place in America

Sedona Arizona

Med Spa Vacations creates customized vacation experiences that focus on wellness, balance and adventure.  Our specially trained Wellness Concierge can customize a trip that is best suited for you.  Feeling unbalanced, out of shape, stressed, or needing a life change?  Do you have a recurring medical condition that becomes exacerbated in your day to day life? Getting away to Whistler BC could be the answer. 

The Village of Whistler BC is a world apart. The scenery is unrivaled and a wealth of back country ski adventures await. There are also a wide array of spas and wellness professionals in the valley. Let us customize a vacation that will find the right balance between relaxing, finding wellness and seeking adventure.