The heart and soul of our company is our Wellness Concierge service. Each member or guest will have their own personal wellness concierge.  Our concierge staff is specially trained in our services and have an intimate understanding of each resort location. Often, our staff do have some medical training and are experts in holistic healing and health. The purpose of their training is not offer any medical advice, but rather to gain a deeper understanding of your needs, and construct the best experience possible. 

We will be there at each step to plan and assist in your Med Spa Vacation. We are motivated each year to exceed your expectations and make a difference in your life.  We love feedback, and will be interested to see how you liked our resorts and of course learn about what we can do better!

Your Wellness Concierge

Med Spa Vacations is offering a unique 'Med Spa for Life' membership that entitles our owners to a lifetime of wellness and health. Our 'Med Spa for Life' package covers not only select wellness services but also your accommodations.  Enjoy a lifetime of wellness and adventure at our select resorts. 

The membership is based on the acquisition of 1-3 weeks per year.  You choose the resort destination and the desired services, and we take care of the rest. Establish a long term relationship with our wellness experts and chart your progress over time. Make your Med Spa vacation an annual tradition for the entire family. 

The cost of our memberships depends on the number of weeks you wish to acquire and the scope of services you wish to retain. There is an initiation fee as well as annual dues, and in return a lifetime of accommodations are guaranteed and your services paid for. 

Visit Whistler one year and reconnect with your favorite spa, massage therapist or yoga class, or travel to Sedona and engage in a spiritual retreat. You own your vacation, you own your experience!

'Med Spa For Life' Memberships

Relax . Rejuvenate . or just Getaway